Our HVAC Services In Bath, PA

Install & Service

- Heat Pumps - Ductless Systems
- Central Air Conditioners - Humidifiers
- Oil, Natural Gas, Propane - Air Cleaners
- Mobile Home Units - UV Lights

Quality Installations

From a full attic or basement Installation with ductwork to a wall-mounted ductless system, our team can cover it all!

Many things are considered when properly installing a new unit to get peak performance, safety, and optimal equipment life. We take great pride in providing superior-quality installs to meet and exceed your expectations.

We choose to use high-quality parts from our local vendors for each installation, and our technicians are knowledgeable, courteous, and respectful. And our estimates are always free.

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Our Warranties

All products we install come with a manufacturer’s warranty. We provide some of the best labor warranties in the industry. Extended warranties are available.

Ductwork Makes a Difference

There’s more that goes into ductwork than you may think. Everything from the size, layout and proper sealing can greatly affect airflow. That’s why when it comes to installing our ductwork on new installations, we find the most efficient way to route air throughout your home to keep you comfortable.

On new installations we prefer installing metal trunk lines over duct board, properly insulating, and using mastic as a sealant to prevent leaks. We take the extra mile to ensure your ductwork will have optimum airflow and will be leak free.

Duct Board:

  • Not very durable compared to metal
  • Bad with moisture, which can produce mildew & mold
  • Fiberglass from the inside can erode through your duct system

Insulated Metal:

  • More durable than duct board
  • Air moves through metal easier with less friction loss
  • Fiberglass does not enter the ducts because it is externally insulated