HVAC Tips for Homeowners:

We can’t stress enough the importance of regular maintenance and how it greatly affects your equipment’s safety and reliability. During our maintenance tune-ups, we thoroughly inspect, test and clean your unit to ensure the most optimum result!

Closing air vents have a critical impact on the pressure inside of your unit. This can cause pressure to built up, resulting in long-term damage to your system. 

Sticks and branches can become lodged inside your unit, causing internal damage. It’s important to trim any nearby tree or plant branches to avoid this. During the winter, clear heavy snow or ice off and away from the outdoor unit.

A clogged air filter can have a great impact on the health of your HVAC system. Dirty filters can cause many problems, including heavily restricting airflow, and can even cause your unit to stop heating and cooling. At All Air Solutions, we check and replace your air filter during a maintenance tune-up!

During the hot months, A/C systems can create a lot of condensation, which get drained through a PVC line. It is very important to have A/C maintenance done to clean and clear the PVC line of any blockage, which can cause major water leaks.

Be careful when mowing or weed whacking close to the outdoor unit. You could easily cut right through electrical wires or hit rocks into your unit causing damage.

Believe it or not, but we’ve had several calls to find and retrieve small pets from ductwork. This was caused by young children playing with pets near an open floor vent. It is very important to keep small pets and items away from air vents to prevent this from happening.

Having a lot of small leaks and holes in your ductwork can all add up effecting the efficiency and airflow of your system. Our company will do our best to make sure your ductwork is seal up and as leak-free as possible

Insulated ductwork prevents the metal from sweating, which can create water leaks and mold. If you have uninsulated metal ducts, we can mastic and insulate it to help prevent it from sweating and leaking!

Risks of Repairing Rather Than Replacing Your Unit

A new HVAC system is a huge expense that not too many people want to consider. Instead, they do all they can to salvage their old units in the hope to save some money. But waiting on replacing your HVAC system could be costing you more money. It is important to consider the following before you think about fixing rather than replacing your old unit.

  • Safety: Older units may not have the proper safety measures in place to avoid electrical shorts and other problems, including shut-offs for gas systems, making them more unsafe to operate.
  • Efficiency: It costs more money to run old units because they are not nearly as efficient as newer ones. Over the years, HVAC systems have drastically upgraded their efficiency, saving money on energy costs.
  • Inconvenience: Older units run a higher risk of problems and breaking down when you rely on them the most. Let’s face it, no one wants to be left in the hot or cold during extreme temperatures!
  • Cost to Fix: Replacement parts become more expensive and harder to find for older units. Sometimes, investing money in repairing an old system is not worth the expense considering the life expectancy of the unit.