Heating System Services In Bath, PA

Heat Pumps

Reliable and efficient comfort systems. Heats and cools home.


Excellent for keeping your home warm and comfortable.


Excellent for keeping your home warm and comfortable.


Efficient wall units ideal for heating or cooling certain rooms.


A routine cleaning that is essential for your system’s efficiency, reliability, and safety. Being proactive with preventative maintenance can save you money on energy bills and avoid costly breakdowns. 


If you are experiencing problems or have concerns about your system, our experienced technicians can come out to diagnose and fix the issue quickly and efficiently


If your unit is beyond repair, our team can help you choose a new unit that’s the right size and efficiency for your home or business and install it for you. All of our systems come with great warranties!

New Heating

From a fully ducted attic system to a wall-mounted ductless system, our team can cover it all! All of our systems we install come with great warranties! 


UV lights are excellent at killing mold, mildew & bacteria on the A/C coils, helping your system run more energy efficiently and keeping your home cleaner! 


Air cleaners help stop airborne particles such as mold spores, bacteria, Pollen, dust, & pet dander Keeping your system cleaner!


Thermostats play a big role when it comes to the comfort of your home. When choosing the right thermostat, we have many options depending on your wants and needs!

Maintenance Savings Plan

The best way to keep on top of your system’s maintenance. Join and receive great benefits such as discounted parts and service, free service calls, and more!  


Experience With All Types of Heating Systems

Whether it’s oil, gas, propane, heat pumps, or ductless, our team at All Air Solutions LLC can cover it all. We are a factory-authorized dealer offering saving opportunities through rebates and energy-saving programs. Call us today for more information.

Stop Wasting Money

When your heating system isn’t operating at optimal efficiency, you might as well hand over your savings to the utility company. Properly functioning units will maintain a consistent temperature in your home, use less energy and run less often.

Put money back into your savings and take care of your heating system today. 

Emergency Service Available

Heating systems never conk out when it’s convenient, so don’t be left out in the cold this winter. We service all makes and models. Our technicians are professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and ready to help you get your system up and running again. Small problems soon become big, expensive problems so don’t delay.

Don’t let the cold keep you shivering. Schedule a heating tune-up to ensure your heat is working when you need it. And if you are looking to replace, we offer a wide variety of choices best fitted to your needs.

Check out our work!