Ductless Maintenance In Bath, PA

How often does a Ductless Mini Split need Maintenance?

 We recommend annual maintenance for your Ductless once a year to keep your system operating at its best. This can be done in the fall or the spring.  Being proactive on your system’s maintenance prolongs it’s life as well as promotes its efficiency for proper operation. 

Regular maintenance is also important because it can help find potential problems that could lead to bigger ones if not treated asap.

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What Does a Ductless Maintenance Include?

During a Ductless maintenance, we inspect, test, and clean both the indoor and outdoor unit to ensure the system is working as it should. We will also provide a detailed report of our findings and any recommendations for repairs or further maintenance.
  • Wash Air Filter
  • Flush Drains
  • Clean Blower Wheel
  • Clean outer casing
  • Test Electrical 
  • Test Operation 
  • Test All Components
  • Wash Outdoor Unit:
  •  Apply Protective Coating to Outdoor Unit
  • Level Outdoor Unit